A driverless shuttle could start making its way around GR as early as next spring.

I'm not sure I'm ready to jump into a car with no driver, but you may get the chance to make that decision as early as next spring.

Grand Rapids officials are in talks with May Mobility of Ann Arbor to start some experimental driverless shuttles around GR starting in March 2019.

According to Mayor Rosalynn Bliss, who unveiled the plan at an economic development meeting Tuesday, the shuttles would follow the current route of the West Side DASH shuttles, which would include stops at local landmarks like the West Side YMCA, Kendall College and the Van Andel Arena.

The one year experiment would allow riders to ride for free, just like the current DASH route. Except the DASH busses have a driver. I may have to knock back a few beers at the Anchor Bar before getting onto a shuttle without one.

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