It's time once again to play my favorite game called, 'Is that a ghost coming at me, or did I forget to wash my windshield?'

Halloween is fast approaching, which means the scare videos are emerging.

I'll start with a little background.

The images of the battlefield dead at Gettysburg, as taken by famous photographer Matthew Brady, will forever haunt my brain.

And having visited the site of the battlefield around twenty years ago, I can tell you, the place is downright creepy. So driving through it late at night would be scary.

But I can honestly tell you, I don't think these are the ghosts of soldiers manning the cannons. I think the guy has some windshield glare issues. The glare is there well before 'the ghosts' show up.

You may think differently. Here's the video.

Here's some dude over-analyzing it.

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