A lot of people in Michigan are unaware that driving in the left lane is illegal. It's technically only supposed to be used as a "passing lane" and Michigan State Police are about to crack down on left-lane drivers.

Beginning March 1st through April, troopers are going to be on the lookout for those straddling the left lane; on all major freeways throughout the state. If you get pulled over for this expect a "short lesson on the law" and how your "actions disrupt traffic flow.”

A lieutenant with the MSP told WNEM that improper lane use can get you three points on your license.

This law applies on two-way freeways, therefore when two lanes are going in the same direction, the left lane can only be used for passing. With three or four lanes, you can drive along any one you choose.

You can find more info on traffic laws on the Michigan State Police's website here.

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