A winery in Petoskey has sent out an all points bulletin, looking for the owner of an otter someone left behind in their tasting room.

Actually, it's a stuffed otter, and it is cute.

The otter was left behind at the Petoskey Farms Vineyard and Winery over the weekend. The Vineyard posted the following to their Facebook page:

This little guy got left behind yesterday in our tasting room!


He is missing his owners so Josh, our Head Winemaker, gave him a quick tour of some of the new equipment coming into our cellar!
Please share so we can find this guy his home! For now though he's in good hands learning to make wine!


The Petoskey Farms Winery is on Atkins Road in Petoskey, and their phone number is 231-290-9463 if you're just now coming down off your wine buzz and are missing an otter.

Many have recognized the otter, but no one has come forward to claim it yet. Although Alison came close to claiming it in the comments section saying:

That looks JUST like the otter we bought at Le Cheneaux Islands. I'd be convinced it was ours except ours has been defeated by our Chocolate lab and lies flat as a pancake 😂





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