Unfortunately for employees of a Muskegon, Michigan, kayak manufacturer, they are all losing their jobs since the company is going out of business.

According to WZZM, once declaring itself the largest kayak manufacturer in the world back in 2017, Hemisphere Design Works will be closing its doors for good.

Management from HDW informed employees on Tuesday the factory is shutting down and closing up shop for good. Employees were not told a reason why but some speculate when the company lost a contract with Dick's Sporting Goods, that was the final nail in the companies coffin.

In a bizarre change of events, the employees, despite losing their jobs, have nothing but praise for Hemisphere Design Works management.

One employee, Gracyn Sanger said, "it was just a phenomenal, fun environment. Our superiors were intelligent, talented people. Things just weren't panning out."

Another HDW employee, David Bonebrake said, "it was probably the best shop I've worked in."

No word what may replace the kayak business in its current locations.

Employees were told Tuesday they did not have to come to work anymore but would be compensated through this Thursday. A few members of the staff will stay on to help with the liquidation of product and machines.

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