Earlier today we heard from the producers of The CW's superhero hit  'Arrow' about the possibility of larger DC characters appearing on the the show, as well as the wealth of DC universe elements that subtly make their way into the series.  And while we may not see Batman pop up in Starling City any time soon, the show certainly doesn't mind plucking from his rogues gallery!  Guess what arrowed avengers is about to feel the heat of the Firefly!

While 'Arrow' prepares to air its second episode "Honor Thy Father" tonight, the first from the series to introduce new  DC characters in Kelly Hu's China White, we've just learned that an upcoming episode will see Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) tangling with another famous villain from the comics.

According to Zap2It, The Arrow's tenth episode will see the vigilante introduced to former firefighter "Garfield," a man so horribly burned by a tragic accident that his resulting rage cost him his wife and children, making him a "bitter, vengeful shell of a man."  Equally distraught by Garfield's fall from grace is the Starling City fire chief, who was forced to abandon his former colleague in the fateful blaze years ago.

If any of that sounds familiar to DC comics fans, it absolutely should.  In traditional Batman canon, Garfield Lynns maintains the supervillain alter ego of "Firefly!"  No casting for the role has yet been announced, nor is it known how far the superhero-shy 'Arrow' will take the character, but the announcement gets our fires flying nonetheless.

Elsewhere, the first season of The CW's Green 'Arrow' includes such DC characters as Deathstroke, The Royal Flush Gang, The Huntress, Deadshot and China White.  Tell us your picks to play Firefly in the comments!

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