Visiting ArtPrize is fun, but the crowds and traffic can be a lot to deal with.  Knowing where to go and how to get around town can help maximize the time you spend downtown at ArtPrize.

View our guide to parking and transportation and make the most of ArtPrize 2012.

Don't want to deal with parking?

You don't have to.  Use the Meijer Park & Ride.

Seven area Meijer stores are serving as Park & Ride locations.  All seven locations will allow you to park for free, then take The Rapid to ArtPrize.

An ArtPrize wristband will get you 19 days of unlimited rides on The Rapid.  $5 will get you two wristbands.  The wristbands will also get you 19 days of unlimited rides on the ArtBus Pink & Blue Downtown routes and the ArtBus Meijer Gardens shuttle.

  • The Meijer Gardens shuttle runs from Meijer Gardens to the HUB and back.  It leaves Meijer Gardens on the hour starting at noon.  It leaves the HUB on the half-hour.
  • ArtBus shuttle hours are:  Noon - 8:00pm (Monday - Thursday), Noon - 10:00pm (Friday + Saturday), Noon - 6:00pm (Sunday).  The ArtBus shuttle stops at The HUB, all ArtPrize exhibition centers, and The Rapid Central Station.

ArtPrize's event guide, available for $5, is a must-have.  It contains all of the information you need about artists and venues, plus a map and transportation information.  Learn where you can buy an ArtPrize event guide. Pair it with the free ArtPrize app and you'll be all set.


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