From selfies to custom-made apps, ArtPrize artists are using cell phone technology to create art at ArtPrize 2014.

Some ArtPrize artists are challenging us to think about the role of selfies, while others are making iPhone technology a integral piece of their art.

"The Ultimate Selfie" by Kimberly L. Ohms and Ritsu Katsumata is showing at Fountain Street Church. Their artist statement says that selfie taking "is undermining individual freedom." Their entry promises to "show you a view of yourself, and a peek at what others see of you."

Matt Milhouse
Matt Milhouse

Kimari Green's "Selfies" is a series of three portraits of selfies. Her artist statement talks about the role that selfies have on the self image of teens.

Jaclyn Santos' "Transmutation" requires the use of an app to fully appreciate. Santos created an app which shifts the images and their meaning. Her paintings are all blue, but when you use the app she created, the paintings appear in natural colors while the colors of everything else are inverted.

Santos says, "it's really just about combining super-traditional oil painting with digital technology to give the viewer two difference experiences".

ArtPrize 2014 shows how technology continues to drive art to new places. You'll find artists defining selfiesdisplaying pictures taken with iPhones, using 3D scanning/printing, and more as artists discover and explore new ways to be creative.

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