Michelle Cuppy is an artist and a photographer. She has also volunteered at Degage Ministries in Grand Rapids. Cuppy has combined her talents with her passion for helping the homeless to create "Dreamers" for ArtPrize Eight.

"Dreamers" is a combination of photographs and video. Both the photos and the video show patrons of Degage Ministries living out lifelong dreams which include: driving a train, recording a song in a studio and getting a makeover. Cuppy interviewed many patrons to find a match and see who she could help.

The project is one Cuppy hopes to continue in some capacity after ArtPrize.

Degage Ministries assists the homeless in Grand Rapids. They help hundreds each day, but that doesn't keep many from panhandling throughout ArtPrize. Degage Ministries offers a simple solution for anyone approached by a panhandler while at ArtPrize.