One of the best things about living in Grand Rapids is Artprize. Love it, hate it, or if you are indifferent, it doesn't matter. Artprize gives out community a big shot in the arm, both locally and on a national level. Come on, you swell with a little local pride when you see a story on the Today show or an article in a national magazine about Artprize, don't you? And let's not forget, all the deals that come along with the World's Largest Artprize.

I'm a big proponent of the Rapid. Some people don't ride the bus because of the stigma attached to it. I'm not one of those people. With gas at four dollars a gallon, and a Rapid ride cost a buck fifty, that's all I need to know. Stigma, schmiga. Savin' money is savin' money! And with Artprize coming soon, the Rapid is offering it's Artprize ride special again!

For just five dollars, you get an Artprize wristband you can use on the ENTIRE Rapid line (NOT just the Artprize runs) for unlimited rides throughout the festival! If you ride the bus twice a day (say to work and back) that would be three dollars a day. for two extra dollars, you can ride all day every day for the 19 day festival! If you spent 3 dollars a day for the 19 days, its almost 60 dollars, for just 5! What a bargin!

Channel 8 has a story about details and where you can get the wristbands! Go Rapid! Go Artprize! Go Grand Rapids!
Rapid wristband rides set for ArtPrize