ArtPrize will be here sooner than you know it!

The "Worlds Largest Art Competition" returns for it's 6th year September 24- October 12, 2014.

And while yes, I’m excited for the art, I have to admit I’m more excited for the beer!

Founders Brewing Co. Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki and Jason Heystek, Lead Guitar/Production Planning/Inventory & Logistics (yes, his official title) stopped by WFGR and were kind enough to give me a sneak peek at this year's Founders/ArtPrize brew: Mosaic Promise.

Mosaic Promise is a single hop, single malt ale brewed with Mosaic hops and Golden Promise malts.

Coming in at 5.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) Mosaic Promise is...delicious!

I wasn't expecting so much flavor coming from a beer brewed with one type of hop and one type of malt, but like Brewmaster Jeremy said, there's a lot of that one type of hop/malt in Mosaic Promise!

I compared it to Founders All Day IPA. Same crisp, refreshing hop-iness, but the Mosaic hops give Mosaic Promise a nice fruity finish to it.

Mosaic Promise is a limited release, only available on-tap and in-store in select markets like Chicago, New York City, Ann Arbor, Detroit and Grand Rapids (duh!) starting September 13, 2014 so be on the lookout!