2020 canceled a lot of our annual festivals this year, but if this is any indication, 2021 will see some of those events return, even if they’re a bit different from what we’re used to.

Organizers for the Tulip Time Festival told WZZM that they’re currently in their offices, downtown Holland, preparing for the 2021 festival. They say they spent the summer fundraising for the upcoming festival and are currently at 95% of their goal of $1 million. Which is thanks to a supportive community stepping up to help the festival return post-2020.

Executive director, Gwynn Auwerda told WZZM, that they’re trying to have plans finalized in January for the 2021 festival, and that they expect it to look different from what people are used to, as we’ll more than likely still be living in some sort of a pandemic world and there will be COVID-19 regulations to still follow.

According to WZZM, right now festival plans are being made for most if not all events to happen outside for safety purposes. Also that they’re using their budget sparingly, with only three-quarters of their usual staff, so they can afford to be flexible with planning. Auwerda did say they’re looking forward to hopefully hosting the art fair which happens downtown but said because of how things change with the pandemic, they’re constantly working to stay ahead of issues. WZZM says festival officials plan to release plans about the spring festival in January.


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