NASA astronaut who was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been in space 11 months and craves salsa and chips, and to swim and surf in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to WOOD, astronaut Christina Koch, the astronaut holding the record for the longest spaceflight by a woman has now spent 319 consecutive days in space. Koch also took part in the first all female spacewalk and says that was the highlight of her mission. Koch will return to Earth on February 6.

NASA's astronaut corps is predominantly dominated by men but Koch's class of 2013 was 50/50 men and women. Currently there are 4 men and 2 women living at the space station.

Koch said, "Diversity is important, and I think it is something worth fighting for."

Scott Kelly stayed in space for 340 days so Koch's 328 day mission will be the second longest by an American and she's already made a record for the longest single spaceflight by a female.

Koch misses her friends and family and if they could visit her, she would stay in space longer.

Since crunchy food like chips are banned on the space station because crumbs would be floating around and could clog some equipment, Koch looks forward to some salsa and chips when she returns.

Staying connected to loved ones was a big deal for Koch. Being able to video call family was important and she even got to watch her nieces and nephews open up their Christmas presents.

Koch who was born in Grand Rapids, spent most of her life growing up in Jacksonville, North Carolina and currently when not in space, lives in Galveston, Texas with her husband Bob. She is looking for to her next wedding anniversary, Christmas at home and her hubby's birthday.

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