There were no community displays of fireworks this year, so Grand Rapids residents stepped in and let loose a display of their own July 4th. Check out this audio from the Northeast side.

I must say I'm used to it by now, as the fireworks have been pretty much constant in my neighborhood every weekend since Memorial Day. So maybe I've become immune as I slept like a baby the past two nights as the sound of fireworks blared outside my window long past the 11:45pm legal limit.

Armed with a record amount of fireworks sold, local residents bombarded the city with displays that ranged from spectacular to just plain loud Saturday night.

At times, many neighborhoods sounded like war zones as the fireworks sent dogs and cats scurrying to safe spots of the house.

Northeast side resident John Rothwell recorded the barrage outside his house, and then mixed it with the tornado siren test on Friday to produce this recording showing the intensity of the fireworks. He posted it to his Soundcloud page this weekend.

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