This kid is going places!

Warning: you have to turn the volume up to hear him, but then once the audience starts screaming it's LOUD!

Well, I guess they're not called talent shows anymore, it's called (city) Idol, but lets not get into semantics.

Ten-year-old Blake James, a 4th grade student at Kreeger Elementary in Fowlerville, Michigan, performed an impressive rendition of the 1964 Jerry Lee Lewis hit, "Great Balls of Fire."

Some of Blake's other favorite artists are Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Buddy Holly and Elvis.

"We went on vacation this summer to Nashville and Graceland, and all the way down to Montgomery, Alabama to visit the Hank Williams Museum," said Jamie. "While we were visiting Nashville, they let him play a song at legends corner - it was the highlight of his vacation."

Blake started playing guitar two years ago, according to his mom. He also plays piano, banjo and drums.

"He has never had any music lessons other than banjo - he's just a natural!" said Jamie.

That's incredible. When I was in the 4th grade I was more interested in watching cartoons and playing baseball. I tried taking piano lessons, but I am FAR, FAR from natural at it. CURSE MY STUBBY FINGERS!!

Anyway, props to this young man.

If you watch the whole video I love the awkward standing around. Good times.

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