Returning for the second consecutive year on Nov. 8 is BaCon: A Bacon & Beer Celebration.

The all-things bacon celebration is a week from Saturday at The DeltaPlex Arena & Conference Center.

BaCon features bacon-themed, -infused and -inspired dishes and drinks, and tickets are still available.

Several restaurants and breweries from greater Grand Rapids, West Michigan and across Michigan are taking part in the event, which is sponsored by Ravenna-based Creswick Farms.

Scheduled to bacon up for BaCon are:

BaCon is 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Nov. 8 at The DeltaPlex, 2500 Turner Avenue NW in Grand Rapids.

A $20 package yields four drink tickets and six food tickets. A $40 VIP package yields eight drink tickets, 12 food tickets and a souvenir BaCon apron.

Tickets can be purchased at The DeltaPlex box office, 2500 Turner Avenue NW in Grand Rapids, or online.

Any ticket buyers bringing a Kids' Food Basket donation item to The DeltaPlex's box office get a $3 discount.

Top Five Homer Simpson Bacon Quotes


Homer J. Simpson is the patriarch of the fictional Simpson family, the focal point of the Matt Groening-created Fox TV show "The Simpsons."

The show -- which also includes Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie in the Simpson family -- just aired its 550th episode. It's marking its silver anniversary season running through Jan. 14, 2015, having debuted on Dec. 17, 1989.

As for Homer (voiced by Dan Castellaneta, with his singing voice from Don Jordan), he's a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

Also, he loves to eat. While his professed favorite foods are donuts (raspberry cream or double-glaze), pork chops and honey roasted peanuts, he has a soft spot for bacon and, of course, Duff beer.

So, we humbly serve up our top five Simpson bacon quotes:

  • Mike Mozart
    Mike Mozart

    "Everyone's creating scary Halloween names on Twitter now. Here's mine: Homer 'Low Sodium Bacon' Simpson."

  • Joel Penner
    Joel Penner

    "Egg nog is the worst thing ever. Bacon and egg nog is the best thing ever."

  • Clotee Allochuku
    Clotee Allochuku

    "Today I had an Olympic breakfast: the toast was torched, the eggs were running and the bacon was swimming in grease. Classic."

  • Chris Yarzab
    Chris Yarzab

    "You know that feeling you get when a thousand knives of fire are stabbing you in the heart? I’m having that right now. ... Ooh, bacon!”

  • Ryan Dowd
    Ryan Dowd

    "Mmm. ... Bacon."

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