Are you one of the bad boys or girls caught on video by Mr Roadside 616?

Let's find out...

Among the highlights on this volume of local bad driving:

-- A hardcore rollover (0:30)

-- More problems with traffic circles (0:35)

-- WAY underestimating the right turn rule at (:53)

-- Wide, fast  turns on snowy days will leave you in a snow bank with a Rapid bus on your butt (1:25)

-- Remember all that rigmarole you went through with your driving instructor on how to properly adjust your rear view mirrors? Yeah, well, they don't do that any more. (2:58)

-- A driver who gives zero f***s. Not even a turning big rig phases him. (3:45)

-- A tractor trailer can't wit for the light to change, so he just goes. (4;55)

-- And backing out of a parking space is never easy (6:55)

Here's hoping you're not on here!

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