Bagger Dave's opened Sunday in Grand Rapids in the old Big Boy on 28th Street and Kraft. Dave's joins smashburger, Red Robin and others in town all with one focus. Burgers. Here's the top 5 Burger Chains in Grand Rapids. According to me. :)

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    Yeah, I know. McDonald's. The fast food giant. What's wrong with the American diet. Blah, Blah, Blah. Still, a fresh, juicy Quarter Pounder with Cheese and those famous fries can tame my burger needs anytime. Go Ronald!

    Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images
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    Big Boy

    The Big Boy fell on hard times in early 2000's. Then Michigan radio station owner Bob Liggitt stepped in, bought the brand, and breathed new life in the nearly 80 year-old chain famous for double-decker hamburgers and thick shakes. 2 newer locations in town serving the "Big Boy" have brought the chain back!

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    Red Robin

    My Kids' favorite, Red Robin. The place my daughter orders macaroni and cheese from. Not sure what that means. I love the Whiskey River BBQ burger. Bottomless steak fries help. And that big tower of onion rings...Um, i'm getting hungry! :)

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    Bagger Dave's

    The only reason Dave's is number two, is because I haven't actually been there. It all looks amazing. Big burgers, fries served in a bag, lots of members of the founders named Dave (hence the name) Only Michigan beers on tap. Think I know where I'm going for!
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    In a matter of months, we now have 2 smashburgers in town. Unless we ever get a Five Guys burgers, smashburger will rise to the top of "better burger" chains. Founded by Grand Rapids native Tom Ryan, the smashburger menu is "hand crafted" to each store and location. The Michigan Olive burger, for instance, is a staple at the East Beltline store. Way to go smashburger. Way to go!