Just weeks into the Major League Baseball season and is it in jeopardy? I hope not, but there has already been 21 games postponed due to Coronavirus concerns. And more players are testing positive for COVID-19 than the other sports that have resumed.

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More MLB games postponed. The latest affecting our Detroit Tigers 4-game series with St. Louis Cardinals has been postponed after a total of 13 Cards tested positive - that's seven players and six staff members. The PPD gives the Tigers a few days off sitting in third place in the AL Central with .500 record of 5-5. Detroit resumes play on Friday with a three-game series with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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How about the other teams that have postponed games?

The Philadelphia Phillies returned last night and lost to the New York Yankees 6-3 at Yankee Stadium. This was after Philly had being exposed to the Marlins last weekend. Good news no Phillies players have tested positive.

As for the Miami Marlins - They return today for series with the Baltimore Orioles. The Marlins have had the most members test positive of any team. Half of the the team for total of 21 Marlins including staff tested positive. And now the Marlins have a lot of games to catch up and make up. Miami (the epicenter of new COVID cases in the US) has only played three games and their rivals the Atlanta Braves have already played 11.

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On the rumors of Miami Marlins partying in Atlanta, The New York Post reports that Derek Jeter says those rumors are false and are more likely to have been caused by missteps in travel. He goes on to say "The entire traveling party is responsible for not following the protocols as instructed" and "We have seen firsthand how contagious this virus in."

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In some ways it's not surprising that a team from Miami, Fla. which seems to be the epicenter of COVID-19 would have so may of their players come down with the virus. Last week, Florida was breaking records on the amount of daily deaths due to COVID.

Interesting to note that MLB baseball is not in a bubble like the NBA in Florida or NHL in Canada. Hopefully there are lessons to learn for the NFL  - we want football this fall.

Here to hopes that MLB gets this under control, it would be a shame for the baseball season to be canceled.

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