Baseball season is in full swing--and look who is in first place? The Tigers AND Whitecaps! The 2 teams connected by affiliation are having some good success early on. In one department though, there is a clear cut winner.

In ballpark food, the winners are the Caps hands down, but in the logo world, the Tigs are pretty close to perfect. A story on "The 10 best team logos in baseball history" from blogger Grant Brisbee tells it like it is.

"The official list. You might have one of your own, but it's been proven wrong by this list."

Well at least he's humble. He ranks the Tigers logo....second. He continues "The best logos are usually the ones that remind you the team has been around since before the talkies, and the Tigers is the best of that bunch. There have been missteps along the way, like morose Tiger and this, but the classic logo is still one of the best ever."

He puts the Giants at number 1. Meh. He also has some harsh words for my White Sox. Eh, what does he know? :)

Greg Fiume/Getty Images
Greg Fiume/Getty Images

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