Harrison Sorrelle and his MBA Lakeshore 16u team were in Fort Wayne for a basketball tournament when fisticuffs were thrown at him. The Grand Haven junior was having a great game before he was knocked out.

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Harrison Sorrelle was hospitalized with a concussion during the basketball game this weekend. He was playing in the 'Brawl for the Ball', a basketball tournament held in Fort Wayne, Indiana, when the incident occurred. Sorelle had just finished scoring another basket totaling (bringing his total for the game to 26 points) when he got punched in  the face by an opponent when he wasn't looking.

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Sorrelle's coach told Fox 17 that Sorrelle has been hospitalized with a severe concussion. One of the referees was Grand Rapids native, Drew Zuidema who was on the court at the time. He said told Fox-17,

"I was the trail official, Harrison was giving this guy buckets, playing really well, giving it to him on the one end, the other players were talking to that player like 'man he's killing you, man', the ball got inbounded and as I was trailing as the trail official, all I saw was a left hook. He full on launched at him, clocked him across the face, Harrison was knocked out as he was standing up, he fell straight back on his head. I saw it right in front of my own eyes."

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Sorrelle's head hit the floor and he was bleeding pretty badly. Tournament officials said that the opponent who threw the punch took off while Sorrelle was being tended to. Fox-17 reports that Fort Wayne police are looking for the player and plan to arrest him when found.

The team’s coach, Tyler Ingalls, sent out an update on social media Sunday afternoon, reading: “Update on Harry, no traumatic brain injury. Only a severe concussion – which is good news. He will be sedated for the next 24 hours so his brain will heal on its own.”

Fox-17's Zach Harig posted a screenshot of an update from Sorrelle's mother on Facebook Monday morning that said that the teen is "awake, doing well, and wanted to know who won the game."

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