A woman whose confrontation with marching protesters went viral apparently thought they were violent and about to loot East Grand Rapids.

The original video, which was recorded by GR camera guy Kyle Veldman, showed a 75 year old woman approach the peaceful marchers on Wednesday evening on Wealthy Avenue with a baseball bat. In fact the marchers were chanting 'peaceful protest' at the time.

The situation was quickly diffused by protesters who hugged the woman and got the bat away from her.

At this point, I will note that several protesters say they were greeted warmly by other East GR residents, and say they were treated with compassion. They did not want this incident to be indicative of the community at large.

WOOD-TV 8 later caught up with the woman, who in a doorway interview, says she felt they were coming to loot East Grand Rapids stores and believed they were Antifa.

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