Zac Efron may not have been named PopCrush's official 2015 Beach Hunk, but that doesn't mean he's suddenly afraid of the water.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Efron will star alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in an upcoming movie adaptation of the popular '90s show Baywatch, which followed a handful of Malibu lifeguards who lived, loved and survived shark attacks across the show's 12 year run.

The site says Johnson will play a serious, no-nonsense lifeguard who's forced to team up with Efron's "hothead" character to take down an oil tycoon that could do the pair's beloved coastline some serious damage. And it seems the actors are more than ready to be fitted for the story's signature red swimsuits.

"BIG NEWS: Welcoming my dude @ZacEfron to #BAYWATCH. Our movie will be big, fun and RATED R.. Like me when I drink." Johnson tweeted after Efron's casting announcement, to which Efron responded "So stoked brother - baby oil for 2 plz." Hey, when your constituents are constantly at risk of drowning, what's a little UV exposure?

Seth Gordon, whose previous work includes Horrible Bosses, will direct the movie, which THR noted will likely begin production in early 2016.

We are your Friends, which stars Efron as an up-and-coming DJ, will hit theaters on August 28.

Would you feel safe at the beach with Zac and "The Rock" on patrol? Share your thoughts on the big Baywatch announcement!

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