You've seen websites with .com, .net, .gov, and .org web addresses. Now there will be websites ending in .beer!

Today, September 25, marks the launch of the .beer domain and the Brewers Association will be one of the first to register a .beer web address.

The launch of .beer is being coordinated by registry operator Minds + Machines and is part of a major overhaul of the Internet's naming structure. Over the next 18 months 1,000 new domain names are expected to be introduced onto the Internet.

Among the .beer web addresses already registered are, and

Well-known brewers like Seattle's Elysian Brewing Company and Bear Republic Brewing Company in California have also already come on board to welcome the new Internet name.

I wonder when we'll see

The public can register their .beer names at or at any participating domain name registrar with new .beer domain names starting at about $25 a year.