Valentine’s Day is around the corner but not all of us are about that lovey-dovey stuff so Bell’s Brewery is releasing a beer for those of us who are jaded, broken-hearted, or down on our luck. 

Love isn’t always handwritten notes and candy hearts. Sometimes, it’s a sinkhole full of skeletons and worn out platitudes, yet here you stand with your chin held high. 

As someone who’s recently single… ain’t that the truth.

The black IPA is 7% alcohol and will come in 12 oz. bottles sold in 6 packs. Enough to help you forget about your ex.

Bells’ Black Hearted IPA will be released at 10 a.m. on February 14 at the Eccentric Cafe and General Store in Kalamazoo. It will only be available at this location while supplies last.

Bell's Brewery
Bell's Brewery

And for my fellow dark/cold/black-hearted friends, just recite this “love poem” from Bell’s.

Remember your ex, take a few sips, and then go back to enjoying your day. They’re someone else’s problem now anyway.

Black Hearted is the second spin-off beer of their popular, Two Hearted. Last week, Bell’s released a lo-cal version called Light Two Hearted.

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