Bell's Brewery of Kalamazoo, Michigan, is giving back to the Black community by being a part of the Black is Beautiful campaign.

According to WOOD, Bell's along with around 700 breweries all across the country are participating in a Black is Beautiful campaign to bring awareness to communities regarding racial justice and by making local donations to help give back.

WOOD spoke with the equity and inclusion specialist for Bell's Brewery Jay Maddock who said, "when we see an injustice, it's our responsibility to respond internally and externally. I think right now it's important to lift up the stories and messages of Black lives."

Bell's will be making donations to Kalamazoo's NAACP and Face Off Theatre.

The artistic director for Face Off Theatre Marissa Harrington told WOOD, "this is just coming at a really great time when we're looking to go to the next level of making sure that we can be the best that we can be for the Kalamazoo community."

Bell's are now a part of over 700 breweries that have come on board with the Black is Beautiful initiative all across the country.

Bell's is one of the more successful breweries in the region and are know across the country. They have a pretty big platform to reach out to many to further the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hopefully the attention that Bell's, other breweries along with protests will also encourage more people to vote.

It's so great that more people than ever are talking about racial injustices that keep happening across this nation, but its time to do something about these issues. Most people in government have been there a long time and answer only to big corporations through lobbyist. It's time to get some new blood in their that actually care about the Black community and do something about it.

Change is long overdue on racial injustice and now it's time to get people to vote people into office who will act instead of talk and make the right changes that the Black community deserve.

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