Did you see the White House Correspondence Dinner from Saturday? Of course not. Most people have lives on Saturday night. Or are out. Or are maybe even spending quality time with family and friends. Me, I was watching TV. And the WHCD in particular. Conan O Brien was the host, and the star?

That would be one Barrack Obama. He gets funnier every year, and takes more chances as time goes on. AND he gets Steven Spielberg to be in his big night. Check out this spoof of Lincoln...starring Daniel Day Lewis. Really. And dont miss special guest Joe Biden.

Best review of this clip? From "haggis4tw"

"I was not at all convinced by Daniel Day Lewis's portrayal of Obama in this video. Unlike his earlier work, I feel his commitment to this role is lacking. However, Tracy Morgan's Joe Biden was an Oscar-worthy performance, simply impeccable."

Too funny! Bravo Mr President...bravo!

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