If you've ever considered sleeping in public, this Wednesday, 2/28 would be the perfect day to give it a try since it's "National Public Sleeping Day."

Yes, this is a real holiday that's been celebrated since 2011, according to National Day Calendar. While it's not known who or why this day was incepted, we can only assume this person loved to sleep.

With that being said, getting good sleep is important but why sleep in the comfort of your own bed or couch when you can sleep at these places around town instead?

  • Townsquare Media
    Townsquare Media

    Ah-Nab-Awen Park

    It's a big park which means you have your choice to sleep somewhere on the grass or right by the river.

  • Christine George/TSM
    Christine George/TSM

    The Grand Rapids Tire Swing

    Located at Calder Park, the tire swing is not only fun but big enough to lay in. Embrace your inner baby and let the tire rock you back and forth to sleep.

  • Courtesy of Ben Glendening via Instagram (benji1256)
    Courtesy of Ben Glendening via Instagram (benji1256)

    Along the Grand River

    Anywhere near water is a great place to nap but there's a pathway between the two museums, in Downtown Grand Rapids, that many people will walk or jog along. But it's also the perfect place to set up a hammock and snooze.

    Shout out to Ben who took this picture in January. So yes, even in the winter you can bundle up by the river. Just don't forget your coat...a blanket wouldn't hurt either.

    *Due to all the recent flooding, you may want to wait before setting up shop near the river

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    Massage Chairs at the Mall

    Because what's more relaxing than a massage? You can pay a dollar for the one that you see in the middle of the mall or, even better, the massage chairs at Brookstone. But since you are at the mall... you may want to make it a power nap.

  • Christine George/TSM
    Christine George/TSM

    Reeds Lake/John Collins Park

    Not only is Reeds Lake a gorgeous area but it's so easy to sit back and fall asleep. In the summertime, go out on a tube or boat and just float. Or find the perfect spot under a tree and lay back.

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    At Work

    While sleeping at work may be looked down upon and could get you in trouble, maybe a nap during your lunch break would be the best option. At the very least, expect your co-workers to mess with you like they did me.

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