The universe treated us to a little show Thursday morning with a partial eclipse of the sun viewable along the horizon. Here's some shots from around the state.

The so-called 'Ring of Fire' eclipse was mostly viewable from the other side of the Arctic Circle from us in Russia, but here in Michigan, we did witness a bit of an eclipse, and some photographers who know far more than I do on how to capture such things have posted their work to social media.

Of course, as is required by law in Michigan, we start with the prerequisite shot of the eclipse over the Big Mac bridge connecting the peninsulas.

Here's a couple of beautiful shots taken as the sun rose here in West Michigan, including a wonderful shot taken out by Gerald R. Ford Airport.

A light fog caused by the heavy humidity around the state resulted in this dramatic shot from Middleville.

T.J. Hamilton in Sparta caught his view from his farm.

Up North, the eclipse was little more extensive, as evidenced by this shot from the Sault.








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