Im kind of jealous I didnt think of this. Wednesday was National Cheeseburger Day. And a guy in Wisconsin Held his own party. Nick Chipman walked into his local McDonald's earlier this week, plunked down 142 odd dollars, and ordered every sandwich on the menu. EVERY one. All 43. And then, he....

....proceeded to stack all of them together and create a new creation. The McEverything.

Im not kidding. Here's proof. From Yahoo "McDonald's 'McEverything': Man Creates Monster Sandwich From All 43 Varieties (and Survives)"

"During the 20 minutes or so it took for two employees to make all 43 sandwiches, Chipman says, "I poked my head into the back a few times and apologized, but they were awesome." He then got busy himself, unwrapping and skewering together the layers like a giant bun-and-patty kebab. The other customers who were at the location at the time, (people he describes as "mainly senior citizens having coffee") quizzed him on his motivation and "tried to take pictures on their cell phones that they didn't know how to use."

Superman, Batman....and Chipman. My new superheroes.