My Mom passed away a few years ago but some of my best memories of mom are from Mothers Day celebrations. First off here's a short history lesson on the origins of Mothers Day. Did you know that the first official celebration of mothers in the United States took place in 1858? Anna Reeves Jarvis campaigned for a Mothers' Work Day in her home state of West Virginia to raise awareness about local sanitation issues. When Jarvis passed away in 1905, her daughter Anna pursued a national mother's day in honor of her own activist mom. Anna's efforts paid off when in 1914, Mother's Day was recognized as a national holiday by Presidential proclamation.

Here's a list of the top five best Mothers Day celebrations we had with my mom.  By the way not in any actual order.

1.  Frederick Meijer Gardens

I remember mom saying it was like a trip to the tropics.  Mom always said    The flowers and greenery are breathtaking.

2.  The Spinnaker Restaurant at the Hilton Grand Rapids Airport

The best way to celebrate Mom is to give her a day off.  A day free of cleaning the house, and free from cooking in the kitchen.  My mom loved the Sunday brunch at the Spinnaker Restaurant.  The menu was extensive and a real classy way to celebrate mom.

3.  The Carriage House Harbor Bed and Breakfast in South Haven

One of the best Mothers Day gift for mom was when my sisters and I gave mom and dad a gift certificate for a romantic weekend away at the Carriage House Harbor Bed and Breakfast Inn in South Haven.  I remember mom saying the  sunsets were incredible and memorable breakfasts while gazing at the harbor, waking up to the aroma of fresh brewed coffee…homemade scones with blueberries.

4.  Fresh Flowers from Eastern Floral

Every Mom loves fresh flowers on Mothers Day.  My mom and dad knew the owner of Eastern Floral in Grand Rapids and always appreciated the beautiful floral arrangements they create.  No matter what the weather, a fresh flower arrangement always makes it feel like spring.

5. A Personalized Coupon Book for Mom
One of the best things mom always appreciated was the gifts we made ourselves.  I remember the best Mothers Day gift we made was a personalized coupon book.  My sisters and I hand drew several coupons that mom could "cash in" for activities and chores we would do for her without complaining.  Things like:  Cooking dinner, doing the dishes, breakfast in bed, and several that just say Mom your the best or Mom we love you!.

However you do it, make sure you honor your MOM this Mothers day, This Sunday,  May 8th.