Nothing goes better together than Better Made chips and watching movies and shows on your favorite streaming network.

Here's Jojo's viewing selection for May, pared with the perfect Better Made snack.

Netflix has a way with murder mystery documentaries, and this month's choice is the documentary series 'Evil Genius', currently streaming on the service.

And I watched the series while snacking on a giant size bag of Better Made Sweet Heat Bar B Q Potato Chips. (The Bar B Q chip special this month features Sweet Heat and others for just $8.79).

The Family Sized bag made it through three episodes, before I had to run to the store and pick up another bag. Your mileage may vary.

The series has some deep twists and turns that made me eat more than I normally would have. My conclusion: suspense equals more chips.

Like the series 'Making a Murderer' from 2015, 'Evil Genius' takes a deep dive into the anatomy of a tragic event, and the people involved (or not involved).

The series, produced by the Dupless Brothers (Wild, Wild Country), 'Evil Genius' analyzes the events of August 2003 when a pizza delivery man named Brian Wells robbed a bank in Erie, PA , and then became a victim himself when a bomb placed around his collar went off, killing him in front of the police.

(Grand Rapids residents may recall a comedy filmed here, loosely based on the same event called '30 Minutes or Less', believe me, this is nothing like that).

While hindsight is always 20/20 vision, the series seems to imply that the FBI and the ATF may have missed huge clues as to the actual perpetrators in their early investigations.  It's a wild ride through some twist and turns as you finally meet the masterminds of the crime and why they did it.

Jojo's Better Made rating: **** FOUR STARS out of FIVE

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