We could be getting a new state flag in Michigan.

A State Senator introduced a bill, last week, that would create a new flag design done through a contest. The bill states that the contest would run January through July 2018 but a new design won't be chosen until January 2019.

A flag commission, of 17 people, would be created and chosen to run the contest. The commission would consist of professional artists, historians and representatives from colleges.

Contest requirements include two things:

  1. Must be original artwork of person submitting design.
  2. Reverse side must be a mirror image of the front.

Back in June, Rick DeVos, expressed his dislike for the way the flag currently looks.

He then launched his own Twitter contest and awarded six people, each, with $500.

According to a 2001 survey, that ranked state flags from the U.S. and Canada, Michigan came in at 59 out 72.

If the Michigan flag does get a new design, it will be its fourth since its initial debut in 1865.


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