What goes around comes around. When I was growing up, the two most famous "nerds" on TV were Pee Wee Herman, and Bill Nye "The Science Guy" Now, MY kids have been watching Bill Nye episodes on You Tube for the past few months. Love that theme song...Bill Bill Bill Bill!

Bill Nye is now on Dancing with the Stars starting on Monday. Word is out now that Bill Nye was almost rubbed out by his ex wife! This Yahoo story "Ballroom Backstories: The Dramatic Past of the 'Dancing With the Stars' Cast" explains:

"In 2007, the beloved science educator got an education in poison control after he accused his ex-wife of tainting his vegetable garden. According to USA Today, Nye accused his ex, Blair Tindall, of pouring "some sort of solvent" on his produce and he slapped an order against her. Tindall contended that her foolish act was "only intended to harm flowers, and certainly not people." Turns out the couple's marriage license was never valid and the secret "solvent" was weed killer."

Holy Crap! Bill Nye probably was one of the only people almost killed by an ex who could figure out how he was being poisoned! Here's the Famous Bill Nye theme song.

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