For those who remember the TV show "The Six Million Dollar Man", that featured a bionic man, a professor in Muskegon, Michigan, may be the first step in creating a real bionic man.

According to WZZM,  Dr. Shawn Macauley who is a professor at Muskegon Community College has taken the first step in acquiring a bionic ear.

For 23 year's Macauley's has struggled with balance and seeing clearly because of a dental accident that destroyed the sensors in his ears.

This new technology would consist of a surgical implant that uses motion sensors to stimulate the vestibular nerve. If the bionic ear works, Macauley should regain his sense of balance and increase hearing.

There are several steps in the process but Macauley is one of 15 patients taking part in the experimental implant at John Hopkins Hospital.

Macauley said, "I'm excited because I've been told all of sudden, I'm [going to] have the awareness, and my ear will and my brain will, for the first time in 23 years, know that when I shake my head, what to do with that information."

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