They say bears love honey, and a black bear in Coopersville proved it to be true.

Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and a black bear has destroyed a couples beehives.

According to WZZM, beekeeper Keelyn VanderWeide raises bees so they can provide her with honey to sell and to use to bake with.

Recently Keelyn and her husband found out from the person who's land they store their beehives that the hives have been disturbed...better yet, destroyed.

You hope when you see your beehives that have been ripped a part and thrown all over its not just a bunch of vandals being mean but it is one of a beekeeper's first thoughts. In Michigan, there is a second thought, I wonder if an animal did this but based on the size of the damage the only animal it could be is a black bear.

The bad thing about a black bear finding your beehives, is the bear now knows where the food is and will more than likely return as bears do. Black bears can wipe out a few hives in one sitting, plus their coat is so thick the bees don't bother the bears at all.

To confirm that a black bear messed up the VanderWeide's beehives, the black bear was spotted later that evening in the location of the hives.

The hives were repairable and the queen's were still on board so the bee crew will get back to making honey, but they are going to need to do something to keep the bear from returning for seconds and thirds and so on.  

The couple may have to install an electric fence. Maybe even motion lights or something that makes noise to scare off the bear or he or she will continue coming back for more until there is no more honey.

If you have some beehives and need some ideas on how to keep bear's away from places you don't want them to go, click here.

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