So I decided to venture out and see if any crazy people were actually out at midnight on Friday. The earliest Thanksgiving shopping has started. I can remember when the only things open on Thanksgiving were Walgreens and gas stations. Now Thanksgiving is kinda just like Flag Day. It's a holiday, but not enough is closed to make it FEEL like a holiday.

So i went down Alpine to see who was out. That would be THESE crazy nutjobs!

To be fair, everyone in these lines cheered when I went by in the WFGR Vista Cruiser Van, blasting Classic Hits of the 60's 70's and 80's. Great taste in radio stations, but wack jobs all the same.

People in the front of the line at Target I talked to had been there 6 hours. That's CRAZY!

The line at both Target and Best Buy stretched all around the building and a good 400-500 deep around the back. Those people probably will be in line til four o'clock in the morning. Seriously what will be left in the store. A can of nuts? A bath towel?

Still this is all proof that if the deals are good enough, and the stores are open, lots of people will show up!

Still....not everybody was open @ Midnight...good night Dutch West Michigan!