The Detroit Pistons, who have been the sleepiest franchise in the NBA for over ten years, woke up yesterday by pulling the trigger on the biggest trade of the year.

The Pistons, in either the dumbest or smartest move ever, swapped Avery Bradley, Tobias Harris and fan favorite Boban Marjanovic for five time all star Blake Griffin (and two others) from the LA Clippers.

This came as a bit of a surprise to Griffin, who just signed a long time deal with the Clippers, in which the team owner declared him a "Clipper for life!" Funny how that works out.

Which is pretty funny, because that was the reaction of many Piston fans this morning. Now, if we only could get us a point guard. Do you think LeBron is sick of Isaiah Thomas yet? It's only appropriate he play for the Pistons. Later, Griffin digested the trade and sent out this tweet to assuage both fan bases.


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