BMW made a huge splash at the 2013 Detroit International Auto Show with the unveiling of not one, not two, but three concept cars for the future.  The first, and most futuristic looking, is the BMW i8 Concept.  Secondly they introduced an electric car concept, the BMW i3 Electric Coupe Concept.  And finally they showed off their BMW 4 Series Concept.

BMW i8 Concept

The BMW i8 Concept is an electric hybrid sports coupe design.  This concept car stood out as one of the most unique looks of the 2013 North American International Auto Show.  Even though the car has exceptional gas mileage (approximately 104 mpg,) it does not lack in power.  The BMW i8 Concept boasts a 0-60 mph time of under five seconds.  Their is no date announced for the production of the i8.

BMW i3 Electric Coupe Concept

The BMW i3 Electric Coupe Concept is the next step in the popular i3 line.  The Coupe Concept is sleeker and wider than it's i3 counterparts.  The concept is meant to be a sporty model in the i3 series, and this is shown with it's wider wheel base and 2-door design.  The engine cranks out 170 horsepower from it's rear mounted position.  The car estimates about a 100 mile range before the battery needs recharging.  Their is no date announced for the production of the i3.

BMW 4 Series Concept

The BMW 4 Series Concept is built on the popular 3 Series platform, but appears to be much sleeker due to it's 2 door design.  The 4 Series Concept will replace the 3 Series Coupes.  The BMW 4 Series Concept will begin production this spring.