Different times brings different opportunities and that brings us to the new House Rules Board Game Lounge.

With the pandemic, many people went old school and played more board games at home with family to have something to do when we couldn't go anywhere.

Board games have been around a long time and there are plenty of stores where you can get them but some of the more popular ones are hard to find simply because the world is in a pandemic and not just the United States.

According to WOOD, some entrepreneurs have opened the first board game lounge called House Rules Board Game Lounge in Grand Rapids, Michigan, located at 404 Ionia Avenue.

House Rules not only has a board game lounge but they also sell beer, alcohol and food. I wonder if they have to hire extra security for the bad sports who don't like to lose in board games?

You can bring your own game or use some House Rules has available. They have a nice selection of nearly 200 games to choose from, but if you and your group have a favorite, feel free to bring the game.

If you want to bring your crew down for some board gaming and enjoying some brews, you do need to reserve your table of six or less. House Rules still needs to follow pandemic guide lines but you can make your reservation here plus check out their rules.

In order to keep the gaming lounge free, House Rules like each player to spend at least $10 and that is easy to do with a few beers and food.

If you are not up for a game but would like some food, House Rules offers carry out and delivery but there is a $5 charge for delivery.

House Rules Board Game Lounge sounds like a fun place for a small group of friends or family to enjoy for a few hours. Don't be surprised if tournaments come in the future for some of the most popular games when more people are allowed to gather indoors.

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