I have a list of what I consider the best Rock songs or ballads of all time. Near the top of that list is Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. That song is just a masterpiece on so many levels. Several people have done their own versions of that song. Now you can hear "Bohemian Rhapsody" as played on an antique fairground organ...

A few months back I posted a blog where the song was dissected and different instruments and vocals were isolated from the original studio recording. Guitarist Brian May sat down with a recording engineer and went over the original master tapes bit by bit. It gave you a whole different perspective on what a work of art that song really is. You can read that blog here.

Now we have a video of the song being played on a 100 year old fairground organ. This video is incredible. Now I will admit, it starts a little slow, but stick with it. About a minute and a half into the song, all the other instruments kick in along with the organ. Once again...fantastic!

I can only imagine how this song would have sounded on the 1928 Mighty Wurlitzer organ that used to be at “Roaring 20’s Pizza” in Grand Rapids. That organ is now at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Hmmm, maybe we need a Mighty Wurlitzer concert of nothing but Queen songs!? Or maybe a concert of just my list of the top Rock songs of all time!

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