An early morning water main break downtown Comstock Park on Monday morning has caused officials to issue a boil water advisory for a few neighborhoods in the community.

WOODTV reports that residents along West River Dr. between Lamoreaux and Four Mile road as well as Mill Creek Avenue and N. Park St. west of US 131 were affected by the water main break that caused a very temporary loss of pressure.

Township officials say there’s not been any test showing any bacteria present but because of the low water pressure, it is a precautionary warning that you should boil your water, WOODTV reports.

Several public health websites say that to make sure your water is safe after a low-pressure water main break, you should boil your water (a rolling boil) for at least one minute. They also warned users to let the water cool before drinking, which I feel like most of us know that though, that you can’t drink boiling hot water right out of the pot. But still, in case, you didn’t know, now you do.

Plainfield Charter Township Public Service said in their press release sent to WOODTV, that when you have a drop in water pressure that is when bacteria can enter the system which is why the precaution was taken, even though their testing hasn't shown that to be the case in this incident.

The system should be back to normal within 24 hours, so by tomorrow morning, all should be good for residents in the affected neighborhoods.

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