If you want the info on how to win the Ultimate VIP Package for the  Bon Jovi show at the Joe on March 29th here's what you need to know!!

Concerts For The Coast Series Presents: Bon Jovi
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So, I guess it should go without saying that Bon Jovi has a concert at the Joe Louis Arena on March 29th. So, how do you win? It's really easy. Tune in each morning to JoJo Girard to hear the 'Bon Jovi Song of the Day'.

What songs are you listening for? Glad you asked.

Mon 2/27/17 listen 7-8am for the song "Runaway'
Tues 2/28/17 listen 8-9am for the song 'You Give Love a Bad Name'
Wed 3/1/17 listen 6-7am for the song 'Never Say Goodbye'
Thurs 3/2/17 listen 8-9am for the song 'Always'
Fri 3/3/17 listen 7-8am for the song 'Born to Be My Baby'

When you hear the song start to play, call our contest line 616-459-9898. The 20th caller gets registered for the Bon Jovi Ultimate VIP Experience!

NBC's "Today" Summer Concert Series Presents Bon Jovi
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What's a 'Bon Jovi Ultimate VIP Experience'? Man, you're asking all the right questions today.

Grand prize winner gets...
- Bon Jovi Autographed Litho
- Exclusive Bacckstage with JBJ Leather Bag
- Tour Program
- Exclusive USB Bracelet with access to a live show digital download
- Exclusive Guitar Pick Tin Set
- $75 Merchandise voucher redeemable in the online store
- Exclusive VIP Preshow Party
- Premium tickets
and more™

Over the next couple of weeks we're going to register people for the grand prize. The final drawing will be on March 17th at 8:30am.

Exciting times right?

Good luck! If you win take a lot of pictures at the concert and share them on our Facebook page, okay?!

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