I know I've been bored when shopping with my wife. As a guy you only have three options, when shopping with a lady. 1) Walk around and carry the things she wants to buy. 2) Find a boyfriend couch and take a nap / check your phone. Or 3) Make annoying jokes in hopes that the shopping process speeds up.

For the record I've employed all 3 options, none of them work. If you go with option 1 you have the danger of making the shopping trip go even longer. If you choose option 3 you might end up sleeping on the couch. Option 2 is the safest as you're out of the way to let your lady do her thing.

I heard once that men and women are wired differently when it comes to shopping. Guys go to the store knowing exactly what they want. Women need to walk around and shop. A guy can be done in 10 minutes, women need 10 minutes per section.

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