As we find ourselves halfway through the season, the Lions are 5-4, 1st in NFC North!

Tori Petry, Tim Twentyman and Mike O'Hara discuss how the Lions have played in each phase of the game thus far.

OnePrideTv via YouTube

Filmed in glorious potato quality. I mean, you know I just work at a radio station, but couldn't someone render it in HD? Come on.

You know, I was one of the people saying back when HD tvs came out, "Who cares about High Definition? I can see what's happening on the screen fine either way." Oh, how the times have changed. Give me at least 720! At the very least. You're killing me guys!

Make the Lions great again! Film in HD!

Sorry, what were we talking about? ... Lions... right. Yeah. They're doing pretty good. They're no Patriots or Cowboys but hey, 1st place is first place! As they said it best in the video, 'What do the Lions need to do next?' ... ' Win and keep winning.'

I feel bad I haven't watched any Lions football games this season. I've been busy working in my yard all Sunday. Which is actually a double whammy because my mom told me it's a day of rest, but man, yard work never ends. I guess when they take away my yard waste bin I'll actually be able to sit in front of the tube and actually watch the Lions play. Unless, that's the good luck charm. The fact I haven't watched any games thus far.

Anyway, go Lions! Excuse me, I have more yard works to go do.