It's perfectly reasonable to wonder what possessed Bret Michaels to rush back out on the road after surgery, contributing to complications that put him back in the hospital and forced him to cancel a show -- and in a new Facebook note, the Poison singer has promised fans they don't have to worry.

After thanking well-wishers and medical staff for their care and concern and admitting that his latest health issues have "been going on for several weeks and [were] extremely painful," Michaels explained, "I thought I was well enough after the first operation -- however I got a blood clot, as well as an infection, which complicated the matter. I am fortunate that I work hard to keep my diabetes under control; however there’s no doubt after 45 years my healing process is a little slower than a non diabetic."

Vowing to make "serious health and life changes" in 2015, Michaels added that his speedy return to the road was just another example of how deeply he loves rock 'n' roll.

"I’m not a lay-around self-pity type of guy. In fact, the second I can be out of the hospital and moving, I go -- I admit, sometimes too soon," he added. "I don’t have a death wish -- I just love playing music. It makes me feel good."

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