Whatever happened to simple wedding photos? And whatever happened to those photo shoots taking place, oh, I don't know... on the day of the wedding?!?

Five weeks before her wedding, a woman named Lauren Mahaffey decided she wanted photos of herself riding a horse on the beach while wearing her wedding dress and a tiara (because, of course she did).

Her photographer, Jarrett Hucks, wasn't super thrilled about the idea. He told ABC News that he warned against posing with a horse, but ended up relenting because "you only live once."

Hucks wrote on his YouTube page,

This had to be one of the craziest things to ever happen to me on a photo shoot. Here in Myrtle Beach, my client decided that since you only live once, she wanted to take a photo on top of a horse! I'm not much of a fan of large animals myself because of the unpredictability of them, but I agreed to take the photo if she wanted. What happened next was absolutely crazy! The bride was completely fine and not hurt other than a couple of bruises. Made for a fun story to tell at the wedding!

Yeah... I don't know if I'd call getting thrown off of a horse a "fun story".