She flew back to her home country to get married, but her plans were delayed by a devastating event.

A viral video of a young bride being photographed as a huge explosion ripped through the Lebanese city of Beirut became an example of how awful and quick that event laid waste to one of the jewel cities of the Middle East.

As she poses for the camera, a blast followed by shock waves impact the area, and the woman is forced to flee to avoid the debris.

It turns out the blushing bride is a doctor from Michigan.

Israa al Seblani is from Troy, and she had returned to her native Lebanon three weeks ago to get married to Ahmed Sbeih.

"The area I was in was a beautiful place. It changed into a ghost town, filled with dust, shattered glass, people yelling, bleeding," Seblani told Syma Chowdhry of WXYZ-TV.

"I can't get that sight out of my mind. It was a nightmare."

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