WARNING: The above video contains A LOT of foul language from a complete freak who is ranting insanely about how much he/she/it LOVES Britney Spears! (yeah, I said the same thing)

I don't know whether to be so excited, causing myself to shave my head... or soak myself in lamp oil and set myself on fire.

Maybe the answer is both.  Britney Spears is coming to Van Andel Arena August 17th and obviously I am not a huge fan. Maybe that's why I work for a Classic Hits station. Personally, I view Spears' talents as amusing as circus midgets soaked in thousand island dressing and wrestling goats. But that's just me.

Well, apparently she grew her hair back, got clearance from her counselors and therapists to go back into a studio, make a new album and go on tour.  Does a comeback from her mental meltdown mean she is back with full support from her millions of tween fans? Reports say that no one really wants to tour with her and she has no other act opening for her Grand Rapids appearance. Spears had Nicki Minaj (whoever that is) touring with her to her dates prior to Van Andel and no one for the second half of her 2011 North American "Femme Fatale" tour. Heck, according to MTV.com Erique Iglesias refuses to tour with her. Apparently, Spears went on Good Morning America announcing her new tour. She stated that she would be touring with Iglesias, two hours later his agent said no. The two (Spears and Iglesias) will NOT be touring together. No further explanation was given. To make it official and put the rumors to rest, Live Nation who is promoting her tour sent out a media advisory stating, "Enrique Igesias is no longer on this tour"

Maybe you are a Britney Spears Fan... Maybe not. But I'd like to know if YOU think she can perform "some type of magic" putting her act back together? Or does she just need to go away? The freak, Chris Crocker will be excited enough to pour hot candle wax on his chest I'm sure! Kinda like that guy "nipples" in the Adam Sandler movie "Little Nicki"...