Bruce Springsteen will spin a DJ set from his home tomorrow, as he practices social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic. The set is called From His Home to Yours and will be broadcast on SiriusXM's E Street Radio at 10AM ET.

“Bruce will be playing songs and sharing thoughts about the times we live in,” Jim Rotolo said during his morning slot on the station (via Rolling Stone).

Springsteen appeared in a video last month with other New Jersey-based celebrities - including Jon Bon Jovi, Jon Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg and Danny DeVito - to support the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.

“These are uncertain times,” he said in a video. “What is for certain is the pain, the fear and the real needs of many of our neighbors, our friends, and certainly all of those who are on the front lines of this pandemic. ... We are practicing social distancing. We are staying at home. ... We need to pull together and start the healing at home."

You can watch the video below.

There has been no official word on a new Springsteen release or tour, but in May 2019 he revealed he had composed some songs intended to be his first collection of material for the E Street Band since 2012's Wrecking Ball. (High Hopes, from 2014, consisted mostly of songs from Springsteen's vault; Western Stars was a solo project completed around the time of Wrecking Ball, but unreleased until last year.)

"It’s like I’ve spent about seven years without writing anything for the band," he said at the time. "About a month or so ago, I wrote almost an album’s worth of material for the band. And it came out of just … I mean, I know where it came from, but at the same time, it just came out of almost nowhere. And it was good, you know?”


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